House of Ibiza
Our private label, designed by Ibiza's owner, Chrystyna, whose work supports cottage industries around the world.

Odd Molly
Swedish designer Christine Tillman has mastered the bo-ho chic aesthetic by respectfully ignoring the rules Odd Molly must be experienced rather then read about.

Ulf Andersson
Swedish designer Ulf Anderson has built his reputation by designing exceptionally well made printed rayon dresses that pay homage to the practical and glamorous fashions of the 1940s.

Luna Luz
Conceived on the island of Ibiza yet proudly manufactured in the United States. Luna Luz , always feminine and playful, has stayed true to its island spirit.

Classic and modern, soft and playful 100% luxurious cotton t-shirts made in the U.S.A.

Designer Kristine St.Rik features one of a kind, hand dyed silk that is often whimsical, sensual, and comfortable. Made in sunny Southern California, U.R.U garments travel well and are 100% washable.

Ingrid Munt
Ingrid Munt a Catalan designer living in Barcelona works with 100% natural fabrics and creates modern designs for the independent minded women.

Cutting edge french designer specializing in techno fabrics.

Johny Was
Johnny Was is about clothes that cross cultures and defy trends. With a bohemian spirit and a true ...

Sympli clothing, comfortable, lightweight, the perfect travel wear separates for...

Paulo Angelucci
Paolo Angelucci creates exquisitely handcrafted accessories designed to be timeless. Expect for any of his pieces to remain staples in your wardrobe for years to come.

Made in Morocco, Mushmina products are produced cooperatively by local artisans, who might not otherwise have a market for their work, creating a product that successfully combines time honored handiwork with a modern design sensibility.

Jewelry Elana Sigal
Elana Sigal is a Vancouver based jewelry designer who works with semi-precious stones with rough hewn ethnic beads and raw and precious metals. Her necklaces and earrings are unique in that they are all one of a kind.

Hanuman Ganesh
Our in house hand loomed silk sheer scarfs from India.